Aïlo is an original creation, flying the flag for “world music”, and working for the professional development of young artists and the communication of a humanist message, in the French language, to its public.

  • Claire and Bertrand Sants
    Thanks to their support and encouragement we were able to embark upon this adventure.
  • Humanity’s team (Ensemble pour l’humanité)
    The team of this worldwide movement provided us with communication tools in order to promote the musical and its humanist message.
  • Place Centrale Productions 2, boulevard Carnot 94140 Alfortville
    Alongside Thierry Trastour we have built a skilled and enthusiastic partnership, working together for Aïlo.
  • Le Palais de la Femme, 94 rue de Charonne – 75011 Paris
    The rehearsals started thanks to our partnership with Le Palais de la Femme. We have a rehearsal room at our disposal in return for singing lessons given free of charge to the Palais residents.
  • L’ Atrium de Chaville, 3 Parvis Robert Schuman 92370 Chaville
    Hervé Meudic, the director of l’Atrium de Chaville, hosted our company as artistic residents for two weeks in October 2013, allowing us to put the show together in optimum conditions.
  • KIWI ENTERTAINMENT, Studio créatif audiovisuel
    The Aïlo teaser was graciously produced by Simon POUIK.
  • Photographer François Mallet did a professional photo shoot of the Aïlo cast.
  • Visual artist and decorator Marie Ô Baccard has been accompanying our project by creating sketches of the musical.

A big thank you to everyone !

Whether you are acting in your name, or in the name of an organisation, you too can become connected to our project:

  • Public institutions (at local, national and trans-national scales): by supporting an innovative creation that is herself a creator of material and cultural wealth; a cultural association dedicated to professional development; an initiative in favour of “La Francophonie” and development in the direction of French-speaking countries.
  • Private institutions : by associating yourselves with a resolutely innovative cultural adventure in the field of “social responsibility”.
  • Businesses : by associating your name and your image with a project that combines, in an original way, artistic creation and social responsibility.
  • Individuals : by taking part in the development of an artistic and supportive project in an active and concrete way.
  • Performance professionals : by associating yourselves with this project in the spirit of co-construction, allowing the creation to respond to the expectations of the public (the whole show and its meaning).
  • Training centres: by co-developing a sector of activity that is as yet under-exploited :  the Eco-management of the show
  • Artists : by exploring new realms of expression, and new paths of professionalisation.
  • Sympathetic persons : by contributing skills and/or material donations to a project where dreams and reality intertwine: the magic of the stage and the material constraints of an artistic creation.
  • Media : by creating and circulating a positive rumble around us, complete with pictures and poetry !

We also hope to be able to count on the living forces of Unesco and the OIF (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie), with whom a dialogue is already open.

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