JoyshantiOn January 12th 2010, an earthquake devastated my island.
I traveled to Haïti to give a multidisciplinary artistic training course to a group of young artists, who believed they had lost everything. The objective was for them be able to run their own artistic groups in the refugee  camps.
Equipped with my guitar and my experience as an “artist of all trades”, I delved deeply into my many professional toolboxes, those of writer, composer, dancer, choreographer, theatrical arts teacher, coach and psychotherapist, in order to create, alongside this group of artists, a life-changing artistic and human experience.

Together we drummed, sang, danced, composed, and wrote, guided by the one question that haunted us all: Why?
The miracle came at the moment when these pianists without piano, these playwrights without pen, these acrobats without legs and these painters without brushes were able to turn things around, from “Why?” to “If that’s the way it is, here is what we are going to build!”
They created notes, chants, dances, paintings, booklets… they performed plays between two mango trees, with decorations that nature gave us, and faith that made the mountains smile…

When these incredible artists took me back to the airport, they told me: “Madame Dominique, if the Goudougoudou (earthquake) came here, it can go anywhere, and it is collectively that we, the temporary inhabitants of the planet, must become aware that the Earth is our most precious possession. You have taught us that when we feel it is important to share something, we must sing it, dance it, play it and paint it, in order to give it life… so please, go and sing, dance, play and paint for us in Paris and elsewhere, so that everyone remembers that we are all children of the same Earth and that she is trembling with the desire to see us create lasting peace by protecting her!”
Through this philosophical and musical tale, I would like to modestly give homage to this love song, which cannot be the song of a solitary swan, but which is the sign of a profound mutation of our unified conscience.

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