The characters

A philosophical and musical tale that aims to raise the awareness of the public towards the beauty and harmony that Planet Earth can give us when we honor and respect her.
A love song to the Earth, built along the parallel paths of a young Haitian woman leaving her native village where the sources have dried up, and a soldier deserting the battlefield to return to the city.

  • Aïlo : A young woman leaving her devastated homeland.
  • The Earth : Symbol of the loving Mother, guides Aïlo in her quest.
  • The window washer : Young deserter who resists Morbidick’s power by creating the Light Passers’ Crew.
  • Morbidick : Rules the city and privatises the living by creating a dome that covers the city. Has a relationship with his companion, Mirella, based on love and violence.
  • Mirella :  Morbidick’s companion, obsessed with her image and with power, manipulates Lover Rocker, is beaten by Morbidick.
  • Lover Rocker : Head of Morbidick’s militia, one foot in each camp. Falls in love with Estelle.
  • Estelle : A city-dweller, friend of Aïlo’s, and ally of the Light Passers’ Crew.
  • Violette : A city-dweller and ally of the Light Passers’ Crew.
  • Philomène : A villager waiting for the return of her sons.
  • Aïlo’s mother : A woman shaman.
  • The sand seller : A city-dweller and ally of the Light Passers’ Crew.
  • The villagers : Afro-contemporary dancers, singers, and percussionists.
  • Morbidick’s militia : Hip-hop dancers, jugglers and taggers.
  • The Light Passers : Circus artists, contemporary-modern dancers and painters.
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