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Joyshanti fauteuilIMG_2972Art Director:  Dominique Sylvain, alias Joyshanti

As a dancer and choreographer on the one hand, and a librettist, singer-songwriter and performer on the other, Dominique Sylvain, alias JOYSHANTI, is an artist of rare quality, who works worldwide giving performances to support humanist causes.
« As a confirmed musician, this globetrotting peace-messenger and ambassador of cultural mélanges knows just how to jazz up words and make our souls sway. Her powerful voice, in the service of equally powerful texts, travels across the world along combining jazzy rhythms with bossa nova. Claude Nougaro said that she had a beautiful fountain pen under her tongue, whilst Maurice Cullaz, jazz specialist, said that he knew of two great voices: that of Ella Fitzgerald and that of Joyshanti. »
Graduated in anthropology, she also works as an art therapist and theatrical arts trainer, living a professional life as richly mixed as that of her own cultural background between the Caribbean, Europe and the USA.
As one of the founders of several artistic creation centers (Aix-en-Provence, Besançon, La Queue-lez-Yvelines), Dominique Sylvain is currently artistic director of Sanandaya Prod. and has written and composed Aïlo, the musical.

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