Claire L.

In the role of Estelle

© François Mallet

As a child, it was through dance that I learnt to appreciate music.
Musical and instrumental studies and theatrical experiences naturally followed.
I quickly became a professional artist, and spent a number of years on the stage working on different musical styles, accompanied by a profound desire to express my sensitivity through pop-rock compositions, and enriched by my identity as a pedagogue and song and choir coach.
My commitment was rewarded when I joined the first reality TV group in France, « L5 », which came out of Popstars in 2001, and which “exploded” in the years that followed.
With the sale of several millions of albums, as well as the clips, promotions, tours in France and abroad, I was comforted in the faith that I have in art, in music, in my profession, and in the love that is indispensable for all of these.
I consider that nothing is permanent, and so I continue to perfect myself in the fields that attract me and that have always been important for me.
I have a strong desire to reach out and take on new challenges, in the service of art, which is a reflection of life.
Aïlo is necessarily one of these challenges.

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