The story

Aïlo is the story of a young woman who  leaves her village, devastated by nature and by humans. She heads off to search for two brothers who, once upon a time, were given to Mortsanto, a rich childless merchant, in exchange for some rice, some new seeds, and a night of love. Since the two children left, there has been a sort of curse on the village. Nothing works as it did before. During the journey, a woman who calls herself Earth entrusts Aïlo with a crystal to help her in her quest. This crystal has the power to reveal the colors residing in the depths of those who will reconcile the village with its nourishing earth.
Aïlo is the story of this quest, from the discovery of what became of these brothers and the choices which led to each of them inventing their own personal legend, to the conflict that now brings them into opposition. One is a deserter and a window washer, the other is the sole heir of an empire that buys back the living and turns it into profit.

Aïlo’s point of departure, and source of the powerful energy that pervades the musical, is Haiti.
A wounded Haiti where the Earth spoke violently and where the whole world came and played their role in a humanitarian tragedy, which combined sincere compassion and vile corruption.
Aïlo speaks of the quest for happiness, for light, for the retrieval and bringing together of our lost colors, for all that which can help humans to reconnect with the enlightened harmony, between an injured Mother Earth and her estranged children.
Aïlo the musical is a modern-day tale in which social complexity reaches out to the light in order to find harmony, and where hope is proclaimed through song, in the form of an impassioned and heartfelt prayer.

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